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Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology (ESWT)


ESWT or simply called “shock wave” provides a high-energy, focused pressure wave that causes a biological response in treated tissue, which will stimulate and accelerate healing. The pressure wave produces an anti-inflammatory and pro-blood vessel growth response at the cellular level. Firing shock waves repeatedly at tissue creates microtrauma. This stimulates an increase in blood flow and new blood vessel formation in the target area. Improved blood supply and provision of tissue nutrients are important features of every healing process. This article (Shock Wave Therapy) from gives a good description of the benefits of this therapy.


Shock wave treatment has been effective in a variety of conditions:

 ~ Accelerate healing – ligament and ligament injuries

     • Suspensory desmitis

     • Tendonitis

     • Tendon avulsions

     • Chronic wounds – stimulate healing

 ~ Alleviate pain and inflammation – osteoarthritis & muscle injuries

    • Periostitis

     • Splints

     • Sarcoiliac pain

     • Lumbosacral pain

     • Kissing spines

     • Navicular disease

     • Ringbone

 ~ Prolong effects of therapeutic joint injections

 ~ Contracted tendons in foals


Things to Know:

1)  Most horses require light sedation for the session.

2)  Between 1-3 treatments are typically required with

      2-4 weeks between sessions.

3)  Depending on the area treated, the session typically takes between 20-30 minutes

      including preparation of the area and treatment time.

4)  Shock wave is safe and non-invasive.

5)  This therapy is often combined with therapeutic joint injections, mesotherapy, and a

      rehabilitation program to get the best results.

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